First day in new clothes


Just getting ready to go the Easter vigil to support my daughter and her boyfriend as he is received into the Catholic church and feeling quite different in my choice of clothes. Having to think about it is yet another thing to think about,I have appreciated the time saved in not having to think about what to wear these last 6 weeks. My family and friends have sponsored me to the tune of £135, which is amazing and I’m over whelmed with the support. A big thank you to all of them. I’m verythankful for the choices I have and this challenge has helped me a little more to be in solidarity with the producers of all our stuff here in the west. I realise I do not need so many clothes, I’ve tried to talk about clothes with different groups of people and I’ve read more about the conditions of the producers. I want to buy more fairly traded clothes in the future and definitely buy less to slow down the fast fashion cycle. I’m sure the lessons learned will continue…


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