6 items challenge – last blog!

On Good Friday 2013 I am writing my last blog – for this year at least!

Taking part in the 6 items challenge has been a really positive experience. As you will have noticed, I haven’t focussed upon the 6 items I worn, preferring to draw attention to the garment workers and the work of Labour Behind the Label. It has given me an opportunity to think about the garment workers who make many of my clothes and the clothes in the high street stores. I have been reflecting on whether fast fashion is really worth it if the garment workers don’t earn enough to live on and work in really poor conditions. How would I feel if I was one of those workers? I hope that I will think twice when buying new clothes.

If by reading this blog you have been motivated to take part in campaigning for the rights of the workers you may be interested in this:-

On 22nd April, join anti-sweatshop activists from around the world at Footlocker stores across Europe and the US to call on them to drop adidas from their stores until they pay ex-PT Kizone workers the $1.8million they are owed in unpaid severance. This will mark the beginning of a week of action in the UK that will ramp up the pressure on the UK’s biggest retailer of adidas footwear. Actions are already planned across the country and more will be announced soon.

Footlocker represents a key source of profit for Adidas internationally and, as one of Adidas’ biggest retailers, they could play a huge role in getting them to pay up, so we’re demanding they stand up and call on Adidas to ensure these workers are paid what they are owed.

Join the Footlocker International Day of Action on 22nd April, take action another day that week, or if you really love workers, every day that week.

If there isn’t an action already listed then why not organise your own? Find out where your nearest Footlocker store is located, get a group of friends together and take action! Check the Labour behind the Label website for more information.

As far as my personal fundraising is concerned, I am just £15 off my target of £250. I am really grateful for all your support, every penny of which will help the garment workers. If you feel that you could support this work please go to my fundraising page at http://www.everydayhero.co.uk/julie_morton

Thanks again for all your help and goodbye for now.




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