The last week!

The 6 items challenge is almost over! It has given me lots to think about, not least that I don’t need anywhere near the amount of clothing that’s in my wardrobe! Maybe if others thought like this then there would be a reduction in the demand for fast fashion and  also reduced pressure upon the garment industry to meet virtually impossible targets .

Labour behind the Label, who campaign against the exploitation of garment workers, have highlighted the excuses that have been given for not improving conditions and I thought that I would share some of them with you:-

Our company is helping boost employment in these developing countries. By sourcing here we are helping workers who wouldn’t otherwise have any work.

It’s true that, for many workers, getting a job at a garment or sportswear factory is better than some of the alternatives – that is why so many depend on them. The fact that people are desperate isn’t an excuse to exploit them. Workers aren’t getting their fair share of the benefits they are creating for the big companies.

We welcome the fact that millions of people are earning a wage. However, this alone is not enough to lift them from poverty if employers can hire and fire at will, deny union rights, pay low wages that drive people to work inhumane hours just to survive, avoid paying sick leave and avoid observing maternity rights. For many workers, these jobs carry devastating hidden costs, such as poor health, exhaustion and broken families, all of which are unacceptable and avoidable. Everyone wants and is entitled to a quality job that pays “just and favourable remuneration ensuring for himself and his [or her] family an existence worthy of human dignity.” (Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 23(3)).

Makes you think doesn’t it? It certainly did me, and it also made me realise how easy it is for us to make assumptions and get the facts wrong.

With less than a week to go to the end of the challenge I am just £30 off reaching my target and I am really grateful to everyone who has been able to support the work of LBtL. Thank you very much.

If you are able to donate please go to my fundraising page at Once again, thank you for reading this and for your support.



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