Slow start, Strong finish…

I’m Kelle, I know I’ve been quite silent during the challenge so I wanted to bring everyone up to date on my progress:

First, let me say, it has been a true pleasure partaking in this challenge. It has also been a real eye-opener to experience how modern society subliminally influences our need for “new” things, especially clothing. During this fast I have had countless events to attend and traveling engagements where, prior to this, I would be running amok trying to find something to wear, and ultimately lament about how I have nothing in-all three of my closets-that would suffice and, in an act of redemption, scurry to the nearest boutique or peruse Etsy. Therefore, it has been strangely refreshing to bypass the preceding ordeal knowing I only have a selected few choices, and in the words of Tim Gunn, “make it work”. So by the second week into the fast, I was quite comfortable with my abridged wardrobe.

Now for the real challenge: convincing family and friends to support, financially, the cause. This has been the struggle, and continues to be. I have sent out well-informed emails to family, friends and coworkers about the challenge and the importance of the cause, however, I have received little contribution. I am still hopeful that I will make my goal, but again, this has certainly been the most challenging.

Overall, the reception for the challenge-as a whole-has been phenomenal. Many people I meet at events or just out are always intrigued by my fast, and it is truly rewarding to share with people about this cause, most of whom were extremely supportive of the issue and interested in joining the challenge in the future. Especially the younger people I have talked to-we need more young people involved in this cause!

One of the things I would have definitely did differently for my preparation for this challenge, I would have pursued doing hands-on events to raise awareness (and funds!) like hosting a clothing swap. Yet, all is not lost, because I plan to host one in April in partnership with a local magazine and community center; it’s going to be epic. It will be the first swap party of this nature hosted in my city, and I am super excited to represent LBL on a grander scale and increase awareness for this extremely worthy cause:)

photoshake_1361761272599 IMG_20130215_172921IMG_20130319_174102

Here are a few pics of my wardrobe, and the thank you cards my niece and I made for those who made donations.

If you would like to make a donation on my behalf, please go to

it would be greatly appreciated, thank you:)


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