Conscious choices…?

Huge irony, we feel, that H&M are launching their ‘conscious’ collection….

conscious unconscious

It’s only seems like months since LBL and the rest of the international Clean Clothes Campaign launched a swathe of protests and actions highlighting shocking problems inherent in the Cambodian garment industry… Covering all life’s responsibilities with a garment worker’s poverty wages have provoked mass faintings across the industry, put down to exhaustion and malnourishment – the result of wages stretched too far.

The Clean Clothes Campaign has hit back with its own spoof campaign highlighting the plight of thousands of garment workers suffering from malnutrition who work in factories supplying H&M, amongst others.

Conscious clothes, made by unconscious workers?

The new adbust  shows Vanessa Paradis, model for H&M, sitting in a leafy garden, surrounded by garment worker images.  H&M is, alongside Gap, Levis and Zara, one of the main buyers of the booming Cambodian garment industry. Due to the low wage and consequently low calorie intake, many workers in H&M factories are malnourished.The Clean Clothes Campaign is calling on H&M to live up to it’s “conscious”, “sustainable” and “responsible” claims and lead the industry by committing to a living wage.

Join the petition calling on H&M and other fashion brands to pay a living wage.

You can watch a film about the problem of mass fainting here:


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