chiming in, late the in the game

Well, I am feeling rather embarrassed that this is my first post, now that we’re coming up on the close of the challenge.   Yikes.  Suffice it to say that I have one-year old twin boys, which makes sitting down

IMG_4859 at the computer somewhat rare.  While I haven’t been world-wide-web present, I have been doing the Challenge, enjoying seeing what others are doing, and talking with people about the ideas that are behind what I think most of us are doing it for.   It’s interesting to me how once you’re aware of a lot of the issues surrounding the garment industry, it seems like all of a sudden you’re hearing about it everywhere.  Before this challenge I was reading Lucy Siegle’s book, and the next day heard something on the radio about a recent Bangladesh fire.  Then another report a few weeks later, then another- so in a way it seems to be everywhere, and yet I’m then surprised by how once you start talking to people about the issues of workers’ rights as they relate to our clothes, they often are surprised by what they hear.  I’ve been thankful to discover a group like Labour Behind the Label, and others like it- it’s encouraging to have a place to look, a group of others who are doing a lot of advocacy work, when you start staring some of these tough issues in the face.

I have for some time been a second-hand clothes shopper unless I feel confident of the clothes’ origins, but I’ve realized lately that I want to choose even better, to make choices and decisions that will go farther than me simply opting-out of certain new, fast-fashions.  I don’t really know what that looks like honestly.  How to choose proactively, how to spend money when you don’t have the budget for spending too much, how to make small changes in a huge system.  It’s daunting.  But I was encouraged recently by the notion that organic food used to be pretty fringe-y, but people have made their wants known and now it’s prevalent- so hopefully people will more and more be asking for clothes that they know are made by people who have been treated fairly and justly.

On a smaller note, regarding the challenge itself- hardest for me has been the fact that I have two little boys who are learning to eat solid foods which means MESSY.  I’ve seen how easy it is to take for granted the ability to just have a large supply of clean clothes to throw on.  I’m doing a lot of spot cleaning.  The challenge has made me thankful for what I have, and actually I’ve enjoyed not having to spend much time deciding on what to wear.

So that’s all for now- I hope everyone is well!


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