…the challenge…

I’m finding that a big challenge is remembering to blog. This is, surprisingly, something that is not at the forefront of my mind. I say surprisingly because the first time I did this, it coincided with a large enough change that it created a bit of thought. But this time…

They are my clothes. I wear ’em.

That is all.

I have been thinking about interconnection though…we all make choices that impact on other people in ways we don’t, can’t anticipate, ways that often we don’t even know. However when we do know that we’ve contributed to suffering, the question then becomes ‘how can I change this?’.

I have an annoying tendency to pepper writing with quotes and lyrics because some people just say it so well! So my share for tonight is from Brooke Fraser.

“Now that I have seen, I am responsible. Faith without deeds is dead”…it is late, and I am tired, and I’m not quite sure where I am going with this, but for the idea that faith, in myriad forms, is a living thing, and if we can all recognise the power of our actions, we can change a lot.


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