My Fashion Awareness Journey

Hello Kind Readers,

Here’s the deal; until recently I didn’t know much about the garment industry other than many of the quick-to-market fashion conglomerates manufacture off shore. I always assumed factory workers  were compensated on the lower end of the pay scale – I’m sure at a such a level most people could not fathom. I knew this but did not give it a second thought. Isn’t that terrible?

It’s time for enlightenment.  First for myself and then I plan to spread the knowledge I gain through this challenge.

My name is Anita I’ve been quietly participating in The Six Items Challenge (TSIC) here in Toronto, Canada.  My hobby is to blog about organic food and sustainable living.  I’m passionate about being kind to our planet, being smart with my money, cooking, recycling and thrift store shopping.  When I first heard about TSIC I was attracted to the idea of helping break the consumerism conundrum – spend, lightly use, discard, repeat.  However, as I have I learned more about the plight of many garment workers and how they suffer to support the current state of fashion-gluttony I felt guilty – even though much of my wardrobe is second-hand.

What’s a girl with a love of fashion to do?  Take the Six Items Challenge of course.


My goal is to be a messenger.  Learn what I can on the subject and when people ask about my radically reduced wardrobe – tell them about the true cost of fast-fashion.  By sharing some simple facts about garment worker’s plights I’ve received gape-mouthed responses.  Most people have absolutely no idea of where their clothing comes from and frankly, they won’t care unless they know what’s-what.  It’s pretty similar to educating people on the cost of industrial food production. Speed and mass manufacturing can come at a harmful cost.

So.  I’ve pictured above my ‘Sweet Six’.  I have become intimate with these pieces of clothing since February 13th :).  All but two of the pieces were purchased second-hand.  Lesson #1:  One can live with less in their closet – and this comes from someone who has two (yes two) closets that are precariously packed.

I will start to post some of my outfits later this week so you can see how I’ve managed to stretch my smart wardrobe while working at a full-time corporate job.  I’ll also share some of the facts I’ve learned along the way and reactions from my friends, colleagues and strangers who will listen to me.

If you are inclined to make a donation to The Labour Behind the Label you can do so here on my fundraising page.  All of the money raised goes to help The Labour Behind the Label raise awareness on this important subject.

Fashionably yours,
Anita @OrganicExpert



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