Day 20 – 6 items challenge

I’m going out on Thursday evening and I have to say that the 6 items challenge has definitely stopped me worrying about what I’m going to wear because I don’t have any choice! I have just one outfit that I can wear that is reasonably smart from my 6 items but, though it might not be alright for lots of other people, it’s fine with me.

I hope that this challenge has set people thinking a little bit about the way that the garment workers who make clothes for lots of High Street stores are treated and that their exploitation is not acceptable. Often our attitude towards clothing and fashion is that it is disposable, changing it often and I certainly haven’t spent anywhere near enough time looking at the labels on clothing and where they are made in the past.

But what can we do to make a difference? Does Labour behind the label want people to stop supporting those stores who purchase goods made in these garment factories?

Labour Behind the Label never calls for a boycott unless this is demanded by workers themselves. The end result of a boycott is likely to be that workers lose their jobs, so it’s only appropriate to boycott a company if all those who would be affected have called for it.   At present, workers have not called for a consumer boycott of a particular company within the fashion industry.

In addition, as violations of workers’ rights can be found in almost every factory, workshop or living room in which garments are produced, the differences between high street brands and retailers are not so great as to justify buying your clothes from one high street outlet instead of another.This applies not only to consumers deciding not to buy from a particular brand or retailer, but also to brands and retailers deciding not to source from a particular supplier. 

Ceasing to source from a supplier because of labour rights violations is only a valid course of action when the workers themselves have demanded it; in all other cases there is an established set of actions that brands and retailers, and their suppliers, should take.

Change can only take place if Labour behind the label receives funding to support its campaigns. All donation, no matter how small, will make a difference. If you are able to offer your support please do so through my fundraising page at
A big thank you to those who have already donated.

Thank you for reading this.


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