Campaign Success!! Hats off to Kingsland…

Just a few months ago we posted an article on the LBL site detailing another sad story of workers left out in the cold while big brand buyers refused responsibility for cut-and-run factory owners…A familiar story, one which makes the heart heavy but has come to be expected in the unreliable world of garment production.  LBL and the Clean Clothes Campaign and a flotilla of other NGOs got together with the workers to mount a campaign asking H&M and Walmart to ensure  the stranded workers, who had been sewing their clothes, were compensated. After the factory closed in December many had been evicted from their homes because they could no longer pay their rent.  One worker, Heoun Rapi 22-years-old, had worked at the factory for 8 years and said:

“I am 6 months pregnant. It was difficult to work while I’m pregnant but even though it’s hard I need to struggle. I don’t know what to do. I can’t survive with the salary cut. I will protest like this until there is a solution. I want the factory and Walmart to rush to give us our severance pay.”

And now we have Great News… after hunger striking and sleeping in the street in front of their factory since January, the workers have won their pay. “We are strong, committed, and united,” said the women… Three cheers for them!

kingsland worker victoryYou can read more about their victory here.


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