‘Bad’idas adbusting

Being Bristol-based ourselves, it’s exciting to see that Bristol artist Banksy’s image has been employed by People and Planet in their support of the campaign to make adidas pay.

We’re calling on adidas to stump up essential cash for workers who produced their clothing for many years.  At PT Kizone workers made an average of 60 cents an hour – not really much of an opportunity to save up. So, when the factory closed its doors 2 years ago leaving workers unpaid there was uproar as people lost their already tenuous livelihoods. Workers, NGOs, charities and student unions the world over are fighting to make adidas pay the $1.8 million dollars these workers are due.  It’s not impossible – Nike and Dallas Cowboys have already provided $1.6 million in towards severance pay and unpaid wages.

Currently, there are university boycotts happening – six universities in the US have cut major contracts with adidas. People and Planet are urging Newcastle University Students Union to start a boycott as their University literally seems to be getting into bed with adidas…in an unprecedented new corporate relationship.

Watch this space as Labour Behind the Label and the Clean Clothes Campaign will also be keeping up the pressure to ensure these impoverished workers are remunerated.


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