This is what I’m wearing!

I finally got around to taking photos…though they aren’t terribly exciting. The flash was on in one, but you get the idea…and a charcoal t-shirt isn’t difficult to imagine.

So introducing the clothes: jeans! Charcoal t! Black t! Black pants! For work I add a jacket (considered outerwear/uniform and not one of my six) because it makes me feel that I’m making a sufficient effort. This has been me for the last two weeks. Add boots or chucks.

20130220_065050a Pants!

IMAG0004a T-shirt! Jeans!

IMAG0011a Jacket!

I have ‘cheated’ once – I was part of a volunteer group creating a community garden and was not willing to wear these clothes. Other than that, same old same old.

Some people are so creative – they wear a skirt that can also be a dress, or a dress that can be reversed, or they accessorise. Some people can do this challenge and never look the same twice. I am always surprised by how creative people can be with so little. For me though, this is about not having to worry. I wear earrings. I wear bracelets. I’m not classy, it’ll never be gold and diamonds, I wear the cheap copper and semi-precious stones because I *like* them. I wear them for a long time, I can’t be bothered choosing accessories every day. So I do look the same – that’s me every day. Very little is changing on the outside at the moment.

On the inside however…

The year before last, I bought two hoodies, two t-shirts and two pairs of shorts. I owned around 60 items of clothing (excluding socks, underwear, jackets). It was more than enough. I started work, I made one of my semi-regular attempts to look ‘adult’, I spent an average of $20 per week on clothes. I bought some nice clothes cheaply by waiting for sales, but ultimately, it was money that could have been used much more wisely. Would I have given that $20 per week to a charity? To buy food for a struggling acquaintance? To take my child to lunch? To pay for someone’s needs? Nope, because I didn’t. And during this challenge, half of what I own has gone into bags. I am back to 60ish items, including sleepwear, formal wear, sportswear… If I don’t NEED anything from those bags, I will donate the items.

Led too much by WANT and too little by NEED. What I need and what I want are often poles apart.


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