Hi, I’m kerri and although I am SHAMEFULLY late in posting, I am also taking part in the very wonderful 6 items challenge. There will be more on this later, however please allow me to quickly introduce myself before I skidaddle off to uni!

Well, I’m 25, and a student studying Fashion Design a Textiles. I’m also a freelance writer, writing for a couple of local companies in my home town.

Last year, I’d attempted this challenge, but I guess I didn’t really have the understanding I needed to make me really want to give it my best shot, however, after 4 years of studying fashion, I have grown a distinct disdain for the industry. I’ve spoken to a couple of people about this challenge and whereas most are supportive, some question the idea of ethical fashion and believe it’s a bit of a fad. As we, on the 6 Items Challenge know, it’s a very valuable cause. I just don’t feel that the voice is loud enough, so I’m hoping that throughout this challenge, we will at least be able to make that voice even a smidgen louder and use the wonderful outlet of the internet to get the message across that behind most new fashions items we buy, there is an unfair story that often goes unnoticed.

I am also currently writing my dissertation for university about how the growth of the internet has contributed to the rise in ‘fast fashion’ so I’m hoping to share some of my findings with you guys too!

Ok, I must dash, but I will be back later where I will show and tell my choices for this wonderful challenge and how I have been finding it so far!


~K 🙂


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