Day 13 – Karma

Day 13

Day  13

So I’ve been really busy, hence really slack about posting onto the blog over the past week and I think today, karma finally came round.

The series of photos tell the story pretty clearly but here is what happened in three basic steps.

Step 1: Go get morning coffee before work and be happy.

Step 2: Drink coffee like an idiot and spill it all over your skirt and shirt.

Step 3: Sit at café with a wet skirt and wet shirt and feel sorry for yourself.


My first reaction when I spilt the coffee on myself was “No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are the only clothes I have to wear!!!!!!!!” Other than my floral pants, this skirt and top are the only things that are currently clean in my 6 items.

But after drenching my shirt with water and washing it out with hand wash at work, all the coffee is gone. Although there’s still some lingering in my skirt and I’ve been smelling coffee on my lap all day.

I hope you all feel sorry for me enough to jump to donate!

From now on I’ll be much more vigilant in putting up these posts! Keep checking this space!



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