What day is it?

Well, this challenge has, indeed, come with a number of challenges.

The cleanliness of my clothes was somewhat questionable on one day, but I managed to live with a small mark on my pants. And no-one berated me for being filthy, or threw tomatoes at me.

I will hopefully add some pictures tonight.

What I’ve found is that I’ve just settled into the rhythm of this – I have a set of clothes that I wear, and I wear ’em. It’s not a big deal. No-one has mentioned anything. No-one has noticed.

I’ve been pondering our ‘throw-away’ culture and how it relates to Labour behind the Label. From what I have read, there is so much misery behind our desire, as a society, to ignore the need to invest. Instead of buying something of quality that will last for years, we go for the throw-aways that will last for weeks. Sometimes it feels that our investment in people is the same. A few weeks ago, before starting the challenge but AFTER signing up, I still told someone ‘If you want $8 singlets, go to Kmart’. I don’t know where the clothes in this store are sourced from, but they are cheap. Bulk items with a short lifespan. What’s the real price of the $8 singlet in terms of people?

**Apologies to those who have been trying to donate and can’t. I’m trying to see what we can do about this.


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