Day 12 – 6 items challenge

Unfortunately events got the better of me and I missed Day 10 of my Blog but hopefully I’m now back on track!

I’ve spent quite a bit of the weekend either thinking about the work of Labour behind the Label or telling other people about it and the 6 items challenge. People have generally been really open to hearing about it, which is great.

My clothing situation has been challenging at times but only in the sense that I have to be more organised to make sure that my clothes are clean.

Once again, my main desire it to promote the work of Labour behind the Label.

In recent months, fire ripped through two different factories, killing over 300 workers on what unions have described as the ‘darkest day in the history of the Pakistan labour movement’. Charges have now been brought against the owners of Ali Enterprises, where 289 workers are so far confirmed dead. Demands are also being made for government officials who have acted negligently to be prosecuted. Unions are also calling for victims and their families to receive PR1million in compensation.
Around 600 workers were working in the Ali Enterprises factory at the time the fire broke out. There was no fire fighting equipment inside the factory. The high death toll has been attributed to the fact that workers were trapped inside the factory. Only one fire exit was available, windows on most of the floors were barred and stairways were blocked. A number of workers were killed jumping from windows. It is believed many more workers died of suffocation in the basement after it became flooded with water. Unions say identification of the dead workers has been hindered by the fact that workers did not have a contract.
Brands and retailers need to take responsibility for improving conditions, enforcing international labour standards and need to work with worker representatives to address safety issues in every country they source from if future tragedies are to be avoided.
Labour behind the Label fights for the rights of garment workers such as those mentioned above. Could you support them financially? No amount is too small. Please go to my fundraising page at
Thank you.



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