Day 8 – 6 items challenge

I’ve been reflecting upon the issue of wearing something on more than one occasion. My preference would be to change my top every day but actually does it really matter if I wear it more than once (as long as it’s socially acceptable and I’m not smelly)? I’ve noticed that another 6 items blogger has mentioned this as well, and there’s an issue regarding the impact upon the environment of frequent washing so wearing something for an extra day has got to be a good thing.

I’m still not finding it difficult to stick to the 6 items, although when I go away for a couple of days next week I might feel differently. More on that later.

Anybody following my Blog will know by now that I am doing this challenge for Labour behind the Label (LBtL) whose aim is to draw attention to the plight of garment workers internationally who are working to produce clothes on a wage that is often unacceptable and in conditions that are below the appropriate safety standards.

LBtL suggest that as a consumer you can buy things from second hand stores, borrow, swap, and generally find ways to buy less new clothing. Labour Behind the Label would support this as it is one way to slow down the ever increasing speed with which we consume clothing and build pressure on the industry in the global south. This approach also pays heed to the environmental problems of clothing waste and over consumption of materials.

It is also important to mention the big problem of waste created by the second hand clothing business. It is often the case that second hand clothing, when not sold, is dumped on emerging markets in developing countries, and their local fashion industry is damaged. If and when you support a second hand clothing retailer, it is important to ask questions about their waste and ensure that it isn’t being passed on in this manner.  

Could you give a gift, no matter how small, to support the work of Labour behind the Label?


Please go to my fundraising page at Special thanks to those who have already donated and thanks also for taking the time to read this.



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