Day 6 – 6 items challenge

I have to confess that I just can’t get my act together to blog everyday so I am aiming for alternate days (more or less!).

People are asking me what I have decided to wear for the day, which is great, because it shows that the challenge has caught their attention. I’m still finding it fairly easy to stick to the challenge if I’m honest, even though I’m severely restricted in my choice of outfits for the day.

Why am I doing this? To let people know about the exploitation of garment workers internationally and to raise funds for Labour Behind the Label, an organisation who supports garment workers in their efforts to fight for better working conditions.

In November 2012, according to Labour Behind the Label (LBtL), garment workers’ unions and human rights groups held a tribunal in Bangalore to hear evidence of systematic human rights abuses in the Indian garment industry. Supplier factory owners, government and industry representatives, multinational brands including H&M, and over 250 factory workers gave evidence to a panel of international judges.

37 year old Bangalore worker and mother, Yamuna spoke about a factory producing for the middle man Texport Overseas Group, which supplies Gap, H&M, Abercrombi and Fitch, and Armani:

“The wage was very low. I could not even feed my 3 children with at least bread and milk. My daughter asked me one day, ‘Why you gave birth to me if you are not able to feed me properly?’ I pledged my mangalasutra [necklace equivalent to a western wedding ring] to pay my children’s school examination fees.”

If you find this unacceptable, perhaps you would consider giving a small amount to support the work of LBtL. Please go to my fundraising page at Check out my blog on Facebook and I will also be e-mailing it on a regular basis.

Many thanks



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