Day 3 – 6 items challenge

A top and jeans is my usual workwear, and today was no different, teamed with a scarf, and jewellery. Anything else is impractical for me. Wearing only 6 items hasn’t proved too difficult for me so far.

Recently when I went into a store I became quite obsessive with looking at the labels, checking where the clothes were made and wondering about the circumstances in which they were sewn. I’ve done this before, but it’s easy to forget about it when you are drawn in by something that catches your eye. But what about the clothes that are made in factories in countries like Bangladesh, where factory conditions are unsafe and frequently lead to fires?

Labour Behind the Label, along with labour rights organisations in Bangladesh and around the world, has called for immediate action from international brands following yet another fire in Dhaka Bangladesh, which cost the lives of seven more women garment workers. Four of them were only seventeen years old. 

Activists managed to enter the ruins of “Smart Exports” and found labels linking major European retailers to this latest tragedy: Bershka and Lefties, both of which belong to Inditex, owner of the well-known Zara brand and the world’s largest clothing retailer; UK brand New Look, KIK Okay, and Scott and Fox, and Solo Invest. The refusal of these brands to address the safety issues that caused previous factory fires leaves them directly responsible for yet another tragic loss of life

You can do your bit to stop this exploitation of garment workers by giving a donation to the work of Labour behind the Label, no matter how small. Please take a look at my fundraising page at  and share this page if you are reading this on facebook.

Many thanks




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