Day 2 – Valentine’s Day

Day 2

Day 2

I never celebrate this strange occasion but this year I’m shouting out to St. Valentine with a rose printed floral shirt for Day 2 of the challenge. Again, the shirt is courtesy of Vanishing Elephant, thanks boys. Also adding some more love to the mix with some red shoes. The skirt is a repeat from yesterday.

The challenge is still quite easy and refreshing. Limiting your wardrobe everyday really does cut the fuss of waking up and choosing something to wear. Although having to hand wash my shirt from yesterday required a bit more effort. After scrubbing all the dust and dirt off our laundry basin for a while (which hasn’t been used, nor cleaned, for over 6 months) I finally got to wash, rinse, hang and dry the top. Ready for the next wear!

Thanks so much to everyone who jumped online and donated yesterday! All of you have already taken my personal total to £330.00! Which is amazing considering this only started 24 hours ago!

Keep checking this space for all the daily outfits and jump onto to donate to this great cause!


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