Less than 4 hours to go to the start of the 6 items challenge!

It really is nearly here and my 6 items of clothing are ready to endure their journey with me throughout the 6 weeks of Lent. Will they stand the test of time? Will I?!

Taking into account the places I will have to go and things I have to do, I have chosen a pair of jeans, some black trousers, 3 tops and a cardigan. Underwear, accessories and footwear are not included in the 6 items and I have to confess to being pleased about this, I particularly love costume jewellery and scarves.

But this isn’t really about me being put to the test by wearing only 6 items of clothing for 6 weeks, it’s about highlighting the plight faced by the garment workers who produce clothing for stores in the UK. Workers are often receiving wages that are below the Living Wage and working conditions are unsafe. Labour Behind the Label campaigns for improvements within the garment industry.

Since mid January, around 10,000 workers from seven Cambodian factories have gone on strike, demanding higher wages and improved working conditions.  The wave of protests started when workers from H&M supplier Gladpeer Garment held a rally last Monday, after factory management refused to raise their wage and reinstate two fired union members.

The minimum wage in Cambodia is due to be raised next month. This is the ideal opportunity for international buyers such as H&M to live up to their promises and call for a significant increase. The unreasonably low wages are resulting in strikes, which has been leading to late orders. This is bad for factory owners, bad for national industry, and bad for buyers. It makes a great deal of sense for the minimum wage to be boosted to a living wage level, which will benefit all parties.

Labour behind the Label need your support to help them continue their work. Coming soon – ways in which you could sponsor me whilst I am doing this Lenten challenge.

If you would like to give a donation to Labour behind the Label, please see my fundraising page on Facebook.

Many thanks




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