9 days to go to the 6 items challenge!

6 items challenge? You may be wondering what this is. I have agreed to participate in the above challenge for the 40 days of Lent.

Why am I doing this? ‘For workers in the garment industry ‘fast fashion’ is a millstone. The drive to increase profits and get products into our high street shops faster and faster to satisfy an insatiable desire for new trends; the drive to sell more, consume more, make more, waste more unfortunately doesn’t mean that workers are paid more for making our clothes’.

So, to draw attention to the above and to highlight the injustices which are taking place within the garment industry I am pledging to wear the same 6 items of clothing for the whole of Lent (excluding underwear, accessories and footwear).

As Day 1 approaches, I am feeling some apprehension. Can I do this? Can I make this (small) sacrifice? How can it compare with the difficulties faced, for example, by garment workers in Cambodia, who made clothes for H & M and Walmart and have lost their jobs because the factory they were working in closed down without notice, leaving them without wages which led to them being evicted from their homes? The workers have been without union support since 2008 when previous union workers were either fired or beaten.

My daily/weekly wardrobe isn’t vast but to limit it to 6 items will definitely be a challenge for the 40 days. How will it feel? Only time will tell.


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