Roll Up, Roll Up: Our Next Lent Challenge Launches Feb 13th!!

Yep, it’s true… we are now signing people up for the hotly awaited Lent Challenge a six week clothing fast, using only six main items of clothing!  Last year our participants raised £5000 for Labour Behind the Label while also raising huge amount of awareness and challenging their own perceptions and attitudes.  Could you do it better??

Sept worker montage

It’s a great way to do something meaningful for Lent, raise awareness during Fairtrade fortnight (Feb 25th – Mar 10th) and really make a difference to vulnerable workers across the globe. Garment workers are extremely poorly paid – often finding themselves in supply chains that provide Western countries with goods retailing at prices beyond their own monthly salaries. It’s necessary to question the values held by our brands and to awaken ourselves and those around us to the need for positive change.  With the Six Items Challenge it’s easy to have that conversation with people and bring the plight of garment workers to light.

Please get involved: we have 20 places on the Lent Challenge and would like to hear from you. There are few rules apart from adhering to a strict clothing diet and a pledge to raise a minimum of £50 for Labour Behind the Label. Click here to sign up.

red outfits


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