Day 31 – sunshine and thankfulness


Now it’s all over, and all-over time is time for reflecting. Here it is, Alanis Morissette-style:

Note to self: I am just as flexible and adaptable as I suspected to be. 6 items feels as joyful, as sad, as angry, as scared as a gazillion items. Everything takes place inside, not because of how I look.


– Cheap items are not durable at all

– Not going shopping for months leaves me money for everything else

– I am not good at accessorizing / dressing up items for evening wear

– My friends and family cared about what I did, supported me, and didn’t laugh at my face when I announced my participation to the challenge

– It’s okay to wear the same thing again and again

– I too, can become attached to my clothing and not treat them as disposable

– When I wear something thrifted, I give it a little bit more life to be part of

– Scarves and hats and mittens and shoes and tights go a long way in keeping things interesting

– Next time I travel, I’ll only need about a 10th of what I used to pack

– I don’t care for unethically made garments anymore

– People can change, I can change for the better

Favourite parts:

– Throwing my usual caution to the wind and wear things I wouldn’t usually wear combination-wise and feel confident still

– Being part of the group

– The juicy feeling of pride of making a statement that finally makes 100% sense with my values and what matters to me

– Explaining why’s and how’s about the challenge to friends, family and strangers

– Acquiring more knowledge about garment production

With all this, I sit right now, very thankful!


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