Last Day!

Well it’s the last day of the challenge and I have mixed feelings. On the plus side its been easy to get ready everyday and a lot less washing! I must admit about half way through I was really fed up and nearly gave it up. Its really made me think about how what I wear makes me feel and reflects me and my moods as well as how I use my clothes at work to help me make certain impressions. It was great not shopping last year and then when I did I bought items I really loved and things to make several outfits. Thank goodness this month for vests, tights, scarves and jewellery they have made it easier to get some variety. I hope to take away from this a love of what I already have without having to shop very much. I can’t wait to put different clothes on for the rest of the month! Quality not quantity. I also hope I’ve raised awareness about garment workers rights, it’s certainly started lots of good discussion. thank you!


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