Day 31 – Last Day and Lessons Learned!

The challenge is now over! If I’m honest, I’m glad to be getting back to my regular wardrobe. However, it’s been a great experience and I really have learned a lot. Thanks to everyone who donated and well done all the fellow challengers! It was great reading all your posts and going through this challenge with you.

I will be taking a number of things away with me now that the challenge has finished.

  1. You can make more than 31 different outfits out of 6 items. I didn’t think it was possible but it really is. In fact if your items are versatile enough you can get more than 31
  2. Using colour and accessories is key to making the most out of your wardrobe. You don’t necessarily need to buy another dress
  3. Buy quality over quantity. My six items have lasted the 31 days but some have fared better than others. My red cardigan is looking a bit ragged but my black dress, despite being pulled out the most and worn in ways it shouldn’t looks good as new.
  4. Think outside the box when it comes to combinations of items. I added to my six item wardrobe by wearing my cardigan as a jumper, dress as a skirt and layering things in ways that I normally wouldn’t have considered
  5. Rather than throwing something away the minute it gets a tear or stain, try to mend your clothes
  6. Having a small wardrobe requires serious organization when it comes to washing. Before now I didn’t really consider washing my clothes. Something was worn and then it would more often than not go into the wash straight away. Even if it didn’t really need to. With only 6 items, I had to plan ahead so things would be dry in time for wear the next day. I did resort to drying clothes with my hair dryer at times!
  7. Taking photos of yourself every day gets very tedious. That is one thing I will definitely be glad to stop doing!

My final outfit was my black dress, with my red cardigan worn over the top like a jumper using a brooch to pin it at the shoulder. I cinched it all in with a black belt and wore black tights and pumps. Since Katie was visiting we thought it was appropriate to get a final photo together. She also made me a Six Items Challenge scrap book with all the photos I posted up of outfits. It was a really nice surprise so thank you!

Day 31

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