Day 31 – It’s all over!!

It’s finally come to the last day of the challenge. It’s been a very interesting month! I’ve learned the value of accessories & colour, they can add so much to any outfit. And how many million scarves I own! I’ve always felt I had to go buy something new every time I got bored with my clothes… I never would’ve thought of so many combinations to invent new outfits. Yesterday I layered tights to get a wierd spiderman style pattern and I was happy out with the ‘new’ aspect of my outfit.

To celebrate the final day myself & Steph took a photo together in her garden. It’s been great having other sixers for support & just to hear of other people thoughts as the challenge went on.

This challenge has taught me to appreciate all the wonderful clothes I do have & will force me to think long & hard about any new purchases. Does it really fit that well? Do I like the feel of the fabric or does it feel thin & cheap? Does this item go with existing clothes in my wardrobe or will I have to buy new shoes / bag etc. before I can make an outfit from it?

I have appreciated the simplicity of picking out clothes every morning. With so few options I’ve been able to decide on an outfit pretty quickly…. I’ll be so overwhelmed tomorrow morning with all the choice!! 🙂

Thanks to LBL for such a unique & thought-provoking challenge…. And thanks to every one who’s donated to the cause! You can still donate online here at everyday hero: Well done everyone who took part & best of luck with your new-found appreciation of your wardrobe! x



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