6 Things to take with you from the Challenge

Dear readers & fellow sixers, thank you so much for four inspiring weeks – it’s been a ride!!!

Let me leave you with my last outfit and my top 6 insights:

red red red

grandma’s brooch, mum’s bag, studded boots

1. Invest in durable and practical garnments – even though I had 6 items to choose from, my two black jersey dresses were my mostly worn items. And even after all the washing – they still look as fresh as on day 1!

2. Be brave with accessories and colours. They can help express your mood and be a connection to people around you. Think about how lovely it is looking at a girl in a colourful printed dress…

3. Try out new ways to wear one piece in different shapes – knot it, belt it, tuck it in, pull it up or down, turn it inside out or upside down like here. It’s a canvas!

4. Take care of your things. Lubricate your leathers, use nice hangers, remove stains and dirty spots immediately. Treating your items nicely will make you love them even more.

5. Always question if really need this new piece of garnment you’re craving for. Sometimes you can achieve wearing a new trend even with your existing wardrobe.

6. Making a costume party outfit IS possible within the challenge (thx, Bee, for pushing me ;))

a special kind of mole that whistles and eats trash was found in our neighbourhood “The Whistler Mole”

Keep up the great work, Labour behind the Label! We’re still collecting donations and here is the link if you want to make sure they can continue the challenge to improve working conditions for garment workers in the fast fashion industry.

No more excuses!


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