Day 29

Unfortunately my camera has broken itself so there probably will be no more pictures, but rest assured I am keeping up the challenge.
Like other Sixers, I’ve been discovering combinations I wish I’d thought up earlier in the challenge; a couple of days ago I paired the brown spotty dress with my New York Yankees t-shirt tied at the waist to make a skirt and top look which I had fun with. Tomorrow evening I’m going to try out wearing my black skirt as a top tucked into the shorts with a pair of lacy tights. Tomorrow I’m also trying out pole dancing for the first time – truly siezing every opportunity university presents!

It seems fitting that the first day of my revived full sized wardrobe is also the first day of real study, both of which I’ve been looking forward to more and more the closer they come. I keep finding myself daydreaming about all the things I’ll be able to wear at the end of this month, but although I miss the things I’ve already got, I don’t really miss buying new things, and apart from a pair of black People Tree leggings and the odd charity shop gem if I come across them, I don’t intend to buy any new clothes for a long time.


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