Day 28 – the light is on.


Today I’m a little confused (some sort of no longer & not yet moment?)… I have certainly changed some of my ways of thinking, and at the same time I’m not sure what I do want to think anymore.
It feels a bit similar as when I decided to become vegetarian. It took me a while to decide what were my values, what I wanted and didn’t want to eat anymore, what “part of the solution” I wanted to be… Now it’s the same. I’ve thankfully given up my crazy shopping habits, I don’t even feel like I have to “force” myself not to step into my old favourite cheap-and-totally-unethical clothing stores, it’s completely unappealing for me now. But then what? I still have aesthetic inclinations, I still want to look “nice” (whatever that means!)… Considering that I have a good amount of clothes that could keep me warm for the next 10 years, should I never buy clothes at all? And if I do, what would I spend my money on? Will I have enough choice in thrift stores? What kind of choice do I need to have anyway? Should I finally learn to make my own clothes?

Yep. Basically, there’s a little monkey pedaling really hard up in my head right now. The light is definitely on.


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