My six item challenge

Despite my best wishes to be an excellent blogger this seems to be my first post, but thats not to say I haven’t been taking part in the background and sticking to wearing just six main items of clothing for the last month and so here’s how I’ve got along.

I didn’t have the most organised start and discovered the night before that the majority of my 6 items were in the wash! Luckily the next morning I found an ingenious way to dry the tops of my still damp jeans, with some borrowed hair straighteners which made them more wearable! Though someone did point out to me I could have just used an iron!

The following weekend proved to be the hardest of the whole challenge, I spent it away with close friends and family and really struggled with my lack of choice and the prospect of a whole month with just these items.  I really shocked myself, I thought I dressed to please myself and hadn’t thought how much I was concerned about projecting an image of myself.  I was with the people who probably knew me best, why was I worrying about what I was wearing?

So that got me thinking about why I cared so much about my clothes and why I felt i needed so many.  I don’t think there is a problem with with owning and wearing beautiful clothes but I think there is a problem with me dressing in a certain way because I want to project a certain image about myself.  This revelation really inspired me and that week  I went through my wardrobe and cleared out the items that I didn’t love or loved but never wore, meanwhile wearing just my 6 items became easier than ever.  And who would of thought that you could create so many outfits by just adding a scarf, some jewellery or just rolling up sleeves or the bottoms of my jeans, I even managed a wedding by adding a scarf as a shawl.

In fact the last few weeks have been a bit of a blur and my restricted clothing options haven’t really been a problem, I am looking forward to getting to wear a bit more variety after Sunday but hope I will never again believe that quantity is the key to dressing well and indeed I actually think that the key to dressing well is to have fewer clothes, but good quality clothes that you love and know how to put together.  And with fewer clothes we can afford pay more and help end the exploitation of the workers who make them.

Some photos….




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