Day 27 – Black & Blue

Only a few days to go!! Lots of layers this week as it’s getting very chilly out. As I’ve been wearing my cardigan nearly all day every day, I tried wearing it under my outfit today to show off the dress instead. Kept me warm & toasty for the day! Wearing blue tights, my big blue scarf from Bath, pink pearly earrings & a knitted brooch my sister made me as a Christmas gift. Got another few donations in work today – people have been so generous! Really motivates me when you see the word going around & people asking questions about the challenge & reasons for doing it.

Also signed the petition to get H&M, Zara, Gap & Levi’s to get the finger out & change their attitude to how they treat workers in their supply chain. I’m kinda embarrassed to say I have an AWFUL lot of H&M clothes, a few Zara ones & a pair of Levi’s too, and they don’t seem to be the best for ethical trading….

To be honest I don’t think I really have any ethically guilt-free items in my wardrobe bar the PeopleTree pencil skirt & my few vintage dresses…. :/ Here’s to the start of a major wardrobe overhaul… Hopefully this time next year I’ll have a much better fashion resume!



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