Day 27 – A Red Jumper

Day 27

Today I wore my red cardigan as a jumper by pinning it with a brooch on the shoulder. The brooch was a gift from my granddad a few years ago so as well as being pretty, it has sentimental value. I tucked my cardigan/jumper into my skirt and accessorized with grey tights, a black belt and black ankle boots. I also wore my silver lapponia ring that I got as a graduation present from my parents when I finished my masters degree. Without these little tweaks like being able to wear the cardigan as a jumper, I don’t think I would have been able to get the full amount of outfits out for the month. We’re almost there!

It was interesting to read today’s article about living wages for workers and the approach taken by some companies. While it’s good to hear that they’re trying to do something, it does sound as if they are just joining these campaigns as a sound piece that they can throw out without actually having to commit to making any changes. Hopefully with more awareness there will be more pressure for action rather than just talk.

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