Boredom but not long to go!

Well like many of the other ‘sixers’ I’m getting really bored now and every morning I look longingly at the rest of my wardrobe! I’ve done a lot less washing though which is a plus. It has made me think about what I buy and the quality. When you’re only wearing six items they get tired pretty quickly and I’m not sure many will survive after the challenge due to wear. My Cardy is loosing shape and getting bobbly, the black dress and jeans are looking pretty faded and both have suffered small holes. I guess in days gone by things would have been mended ‘make do and mend’. Now that there is such an abundance of cheap clothing nothing seems to wear out before its thrown out!  It’s certainly made me think about hanging onto things! Especially now as fashion trends come round and round. Anyway only a week to go! 


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