Day 21 – easy peasy


These last days have ben very easy with my items, I feel like I could live like this for a while… Something strange happened again. I started feeling kind of “attached” to my items. I usually treat clothes like disposable goods, my clothes typically don’t have a “story” behind them, they’re not attached to any memories (except some very rare pieces), but now I feel a sort of something for these items. I want to take care of them and keep them for a long time. This might not happen with the shorts, though, all the buttons are getting broken, and the shorts themselves are losing their shape a bit more every day, what a shame 😦

On the second picture, you can see a little “brooch” I “made”. The little space invader guy is from a friend’s workplace. They have some laser cutting machines, where you can input any shape you want on the computer and the thing cuts it for you (not sure I got that right, though), and in the machine’s tray there were hundreds of little pieces that people didn’t like or didn’t want to use anymore, so I picked up this little guy who was going to end up in the trash, and glued him on a safety pin… tadaa!


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