Day 20 – Experiment Three

Day 20

Ten days left! The end is in sight. Today I tried something new. I was trying to come up with new ideas for outfits and decided to try my dress as a skirt. It actually ended up looking pretty good. You wouldn’t know it wasn’t a skirt unless you looked closely. I pulled the two sleeves of the dress forward and tied them in a bow. The drape on the front of the dress was also visible in the ‘skirt’ making it look like it should be that way. I think it turned out well anyway! With the skirt I wore my white shirt and leopard print tights and my studded topshop ankle boots. I also wore my grandmother’s gold ring and gold earrings with a grey stone that my mom picked up in Jerusalem. To top it off some purple lipstick.

I think I’ll be doing some more combinations with my new skirt in the next few days in order to get my 30 outfits. My only concern is that the dress will get out of shape. Fingers crossed the sleeves don’t stretch weirdly!

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