Day 18 – Layers

Day 18

The temperatures have plummeted here in Dublin and today was a miserable, wet day. Today I wore my jeans, black dress worn as a top and my red cardigan. I also wore black, slouchy ankle boots and my blue and pink scarf my mom got me on a trip to Jerusalem. Since the cardigan is kind of a raspberry red the pink in the scarf didn’t clash too much. Instead it brought the pink shades in the cardigan out.

I have been struggling to find new combinations of outfits. As a personal challenge to myself I have been trying to come up with new combinations for each day. Now that we’re at day 18 I’m going to be wearing a lot more layers to get new combinations out. By the end I may just be wearing 5 of my 6 items at once! At least the cold weather means I won’t be too hot!

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