Same dress, different day

Like some of the other sixers, I was getting severely bored with my chosen six items. Tried my best with patterned leggings, big scarfs and weird hairstyles, but I was simply bored.

Vintage leggings, platforms & commeonveut scarf

Isn’t it weird that we get bored so quickly? I was relieved when I read others experienced this as well. For some creative inspiration, I changed the decoration in my store (see the background) and played around with wearing things underneath:

Kristjana hönnun floral headband, mies nobis necklace, 60s lace shiftdress, doc martens

Another day, I wore some accessories that I own, but I feel horrible wearing them. They are from the H&M festival collection and it is a campaign that donates to an Anti-HIV charity organisation – they’d better do something to improve their worker’s lives instead of this kind of greenwashing. So I’m posting this with very mixed feelings:

Kristjana hönnun floral headband, studded wristband from my neighbour, tights & pink cloth HM

On day 10, Stephanie inspired me with her leo scarf outfit and I borrowed mum’s scarf for this combination:

Mum’s scarf, burgundy lips and vintage Moschino belt made my day!

The outfit is too impractical for working though, as I have to go up and down the stairs a lot and I’m constantly stepping on the skirt. So I tucked in the right seam of the skirt into my belt just for practical reasons, but hey I liked it!

But then, when I was just about to get really really frustrated again, my friend Hannah who works at a bar close-by brought in some of her old clothes and one of it was this amazing beetlejuice leggings! I got so excited that I wore the outfit below for 4 days in a row and could wear it for another week.. What is your personal record?!

commeonveut scarf, miesnobis ring as pendant, beetlejuice vintage leggings

Want me to wear something funny or clean up your wardrobe? Donate for my challenge and I’ll grant you a wish!


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