It is day 17 isn’t it?

Over half way through! Thanks to thermal leggings and a generously sized pashmina I survived three days camping and walking in the South Downs with just two of my items.

Then yesterday, my last day at work. I was too exhausted and lazy to take a photo but wore my yellow cardigan done up as a blouse, black skirt and red suede lace up shoes, plus the blue and gold pashmina. I finished knitting the socks for my boss at about midnight the night before, and lo and behold my leaving gift from her was a kit for knitting a rather lovely pair of armwarmers!

The chilly grey British weather prompted me to dive into my scarf collection today and find that wearing this scarf (another one stolen from my mum) loosely makes it look almost like a different dress. Spending the day sifting through clothes and deciding what to take to uni with me, I’ve definitely been more selective than I would have before this challenge, but also come across many things I’m looking forward to putting on come October.




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