Day 17 – Celebrations and Years Gone By

Day 17

Today family and friends met to celebrate a work achievement with my uncle. Since we had to be a little dressed up I went with my shirt, black dress tucked into the skirt worn with my white shirt underneath. I wore my grey tights and grey suede stiletto pumps. For jewellery, I wore the silver beaded collar necklace again, my lapponia ring and sparkly earrings I picked up in Turkey on holidays.

On the drive to lunch I somehow to get bicycle chain grease on my skirt. I guess some got in the car on the way back yesterday. I managed to get it out thanks to one lady that was at lunch and had some baby wipes. It led to a chat about the Six Items Challenge with a few people. I think many people are coming to the same conclusion – that fast fashion and cheaper quality clothes aren’t worth it. In years gone by people didn’t have as much. They lived simpler lives and certainly didn’t have the large wardrobe many of us of have today. What they did have was quality items that lasted. They bought clothes as they were needed not as they were wanted. They bought things that they loved because they didn’t buy new clothes every week. After this challenge I’m going to try and take the same approach.

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