One very hot weekend

Another weekend down and we are eleven days into my wardrobe challenge. After this weekend, I’m running out of inspiration for warm weather outfits. Wearing a sweater, jeans, and a knitted cap just to spite the late summer weather is a horrible idea. But since you guys most likely don’t harbor my resentment of summer or my stubbornness, you probably already knew that. Here are my remixes from the past weekend:

For Saturday, I layered my brown sweater over my red floral dress. I added a comfy pair of flats and light-weight black scarf of a casual weekend day. The weather was warm, but not uncomfortable. For Sunday, I wore my dress again and paired it with a denim jacket and suede heels for a dressier Sunday look.

Monday’s outfit was suppose to be my jeans and brown sweater, but I ended up rolling up my jeans and swapping my flats for sandals just because it was too warm. Even being inside a cool house with air conditioning. I am just too inpatient for autumn weather to reach my corner of the U.S.

You can also read my updates on the challenge on my personal style blog: Coffee and Cardigans. And remember to support Labour Behind the Label and their wonderful cause by sponsoring me in the Six Item Challenge!


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