Day 12 – Who Needs Jeans Anyway?

Day 12

Today I wore three of my items. My green skirt, white striped shirt with my floral top over the top like a vest. I also wore blue tights, a blue beaded necklace and my handmade blue scarf. To finish my brown ankle boots and brown belt. It’s definitely getting harder to come up with new ideas but I still have some.

I need to think of more things to wear with my jeans. They’re not getting much use at all and I feel like they’re a waste of an item! I had thought that I’d use them a lot more than I have. I’m beginning to think that a knee length skirt would have been much more useful. The office I work in is quite casual and before the challenge I would wear my jeans all the time. Therefore, I thought I would need them in my six. Actually, I’ve enjoyed being a little bit more dressed up for work and instead haven’t wanted to pull out my jeans at all. After the challenge I think I’ll probably end up wearing them a lot less than before. They’re actually quite a boring item of clothing and end up being a default item when you can’t be bothered with thinking what to wear. Who needs them?!

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