Day Eleven

I’ve been looking for a way to wear these frilly socks for ages (I added the lace myself rather than buy the rather scant looking ones in topshop) and thought they went rather well with the brown leather lace-ups. A couple of old ladies standing behind me in Marks and Spencer agreed and thought they were “so sweet”. Approval is approval and I don’t mind where it comes from!

I hat a natty little bowler hat on as well but got too hot and I took it off after a few minutes. I do feel like I’m running out of steam with finding new ways to combine my items, but hopefully a few days camping and not seeing my own reflection will help.

Anyway, even if I end up looking a mess for the remaining 19 days (nearly half way through!) I’ll come out of it with no doubt that I can live without the high street impulse buys, and will hopefully redirect that energy into improving my dressmaking skills and sourcing guilt-free items for myself and anyone within earshot. At the moment it looks like my energy is being redirected into becoming a confirmed hoarder of second hand blue and white pottery, but the dimensions of my kitchen cupboard will keep a check on that one.



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