Day 11 – Monday Reds?

Day 11

Today I wore my black dress with the red cardigan. I wore my black studded belt, grey herringbone patterned tights and burgundy topshop ankle boots with them. I’m conscious that things are beginning to feel a  bit repetitive at this stage. I’m looking for other colours to bring out as I feel I’m constantly wearing red. Whenever I’m cold I put my cardigan on so it’s getting a bit tedious. I need to see do I have a large pashmina somewhere in my wardrobe to change things up. I must have something back there! My black dress is getting a bit see through after washing it a few times… Or maybe it was always that way and I’m only noticing since I’m wearing it so much! I took inspiration from Katie and picked up a black slip today after work. Hopefully that will keep the dress going for the next couple of weeks.

I managed to get some bicycle chain grease on my cardigan today so hopefully my Soak hand washing soap will manage to get it out! Otherwise I’ll have to wear a stained cardigan for the rest of the month!

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