Day Ten

Have to admit I wore this exact combination two days running because it’s something I’ve never actually tried before and the weather on friday was too perfect to waste staying inside figuring out a new outfit. I wore my brown dress tucked in as a top, and a belt with a turtle shaped buckle, which was a recent gift and turns out to match perfectly with my loafers.  Friday was spent in the Lanes in Brighton, where I found a fabulous vintage 80’s jacket for £1 (tried it on for the briefest of moments so as not to feel like I was cheating), and my boyfriend has become an utter convert to vintage.  Another one down!


Day nine was my second to last day at my job before I leave for university…I work in a sewing machine shop, the perks being access to top end machines to use for my own silly little projects, as well as my amazing all-knowing boss. Next week is going to be fraught as I race to finish a pair of socks I’m halfway through knitting her as a goodbye present! They usually take me at least three months so there may be some late nights…


Today’s been a lazy at-home day so I thought I’d get away with bright blue tights and a tshirt for a dress. I tied the front corners of the red blouse in knots and it made a sort of cropped blouson effect to give the whole thing a bit more shape.  As you can see by the decreasing amount of visible floor, I’ve started packing my life into boxes for the move. The Six Items Challenge is definitely going to be a help here as I know I can pack away most of my clothes and not miss them a bit.


One more thing, I’m going camping on a very cold hill next week, packing a pile of hoodies and leggings will count as performance wear, won’t it?


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