Day 10 – Positively Plum

I loved yesterday’s outfit so much I wore it again today! Only with boots instead of sandals, a different belt, and plum & purple accessories. My sister made the red & pink flower brooch – she’s a humdinger for the ol’ handmade items! Check out her blog for some beautiful handmade toys & knitting patterns

I met Steph today & we went to see the European Saxophone Ensemble in Dublin Castle. I’ve been learning alto sax since January so really enjoyed seeing these talented youngsters giving it socks. I probably need a little bit more practice to get up to their level though….


Also for any of the other bloggers, did you know you can edit your uploaded photos through the wordpress dashboard?! You probably know already but it was a eureka moment for me so thought I should share it! Once you upload, go into the gallery, select to ‘show’ the photo & click edit image. It lets you crop, rotate etc. to your hearts content. And here I was like a fool using Paint to crop all my pictures last week 😛


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