Day Six

So today was the graduation ceremony from my college and here’s what I wore. The dress code was nonexistent and caused much anxiety among most of the girls, so it was pretty satisfying to be able to say “well, I’ve only got one dress so I guess I’ll wear that.”.  It definitely makes life simpler.


As I picked an optimistic capsule wardrobe, hoping we could just keep pretending it was summer, these huge lovely warm patterned Indian pashminas will be so useful as the weather starts to get colder.  Different coloured lipsticks, too, will help keep things fresh. Besides, with the right shade of red lipstick on, who cares what clothes you’re wearing?


Crazy idea of the day: why not shave the back of your head? I have no idea why I did this, I must have got carried away with being dressed as if it was the nineties yesterday. I later found out that Lady Gaga did the very same thing at the very same time. Not so cool. Anyway, stupid ideas do have consequences and now my head is cold…


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