Day 7 – One Week Down, Three to Go!

Day 7

A week already done! Day 7 is almost over and so far so good. Today I wore my dress pulled up and worn as a top, jeans and black ankle boots. To make it look different and to add a new colour to the mix I’m wearing the blue handmade scarf that I thought I had lost (I found it – yay!!), handmade green stone and gold earrings I got in turkey that unfortunately you can’t see in the photo and the vintage art deco ring my grandmother owned.

I’ve really been enjoying my reduced wardrobe so far. I met a friend yesterday evening and we decided that since you only have a few items to choose from, you actually end up thinking about what you wear more and dressing better. Before now I was in a bit of a fashion rut. I would just throw whatever I could find when I rolled out of bed. I often looked in my wardrobe and felt I had nothing to wear. I think now, rather than being overwhelmed by too much choice I’m realising that I have a lot of options. While I don’t think I’d want to stick with only 6 items in my wardrobe forever, I do think that I could live with a lot less than what I currently have.

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