Dressing for the occasion

Right now, I have worn all six items in my very skinny wardrobe. But I’m feeling incredibly confident that the items I picked will get me through this challenge after all. The weather here in the Pacific Northwest has been unpredictable – cloudy and cold one day, hot and sunny the next. On top of that, my schedule is keeping me in casual looks one day and office appropriate outfits the next for work. Talk about some crazy clothing depends. But thankfully, I have managed well so far.

My skinny jeans, gray tee, a scarf, and flats were perfect for a casual day this week. But I was able to mix it up for work with my striped top, black skirt, and a cute scarf and flats. It’s amazing the range of outfits you can get from six simple items. It just takes some resourcefulness and a few accessories. Dressing for the occasion won’t be too difficult this month!

Remember to support Labour Behind the Label and their wonderful cause by sponsoring me in the Six Item Challenge!


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