Day 6 – Sparkly Collars!

Day 6

Day 6 finished! Today I wore my black dress  over my white shirt with black tights and my studded topshop ankle boots. To make the shirt look a little different I added a my silver beaded collar necklace under the collar. I think it turned out quite well and really changes the way the shirt looks.  I also wore my lapponia ring I received as a graduation gift from my parents.  Until now I’ve never worn this dress with layers. I’ve always just worn it on it’s own with tights. Delighted to see that it has a lot of different options. It’s really versatile for work and for night.

On a separate note, a few months ago I went through my wardrobe and cleared out a bunch of stuff. My usual method is to put stuff in a bag and stuff it in the back of the closet. If I haven’t reached into the bag for an item in 6 months then I don’t need it. Then my sisters get to look and take anything they want. Whatever is left goes to charity. After this latest clear out I haven’t reached into that bag once and have an obscene amount to give away. I have wasted so much money on cheap clothes that don’t last or that I end up not liking after a couple of wears. Before starting this challenge I had been thinking that I want to reduce the amount I have and only purchase really nice quality items that I love and will keep for a long time. This challenge is only cementing that in my mind.

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